Since birth, about 90% of us have some marks, some are hidden whereas other are permanent but not all of them are represent able and most of the teenagers spend major part of their time trying to hide such marks. Hemangiomas fall in such type of birthmarks but it is a severe type as it is present on the body in form of extra blood vessel nodule. The birthmark can appear anywhere on the skin but mostly they are found on the neck, head and face. Hemangiomas is said to shrink itself by the age of twelve but in some of the cases, it stays there for rest of the life. Hemangiomas Treatment is possible but differs on types of the Hemangiomas.

Types of Hemangiomas

There are several types of Hemangiomas based on its location, the size of the defect and placement of it. It helps in determining the best available Hemangiomas removal treatment.

Strawberry Hemangiomas: Birthmarks Patches and spots on the body of patient that are generally in reddish color. In some cases, the Strawberry Hemangiomas can occur in later period of life as well.

Capillary Hemangiomas: It is the kind of Hemangiomas that occurs in the blood capillaries.

Cavernous Hemangiomas is the birthmarks defect that occurs in the veins of the vascular system.

Compound Hemangiomas is the occurrence of Capillary and Cavernous both in the same body.

Arterial Hemangiomas is the occurrence of the disease in the arteries of the vascular system.

Intramuscular Hemangiomas is development of the Hemangiomas in the muscles.

Internal organ Hemangiomas occurrence of disease in the internal organs of the body

Bone Hemangiomas is the occurrence of the disease in the bones of the patient.

Causes of Hemangiomas

It develops due to occurrence of the blood vessels in a single lump; it can be result of the gestation period but can be formed in later part of life as well. Hemangiomas can develop due to hereditary of traits, hormonal imbalance or overgrowth of the endothelial cells. Hemangiomas Treatment is easy if you are familiar with the causes of infection.

Symptoms of Hemangiomas

Hemangioma develops in both sides of the body i.e. on the skin and inside the skin. The on-skin Hemangiomas is easy to detect but inside the skin Hemangiomas is hard to detect. The symptoms of the development are as under.

On skin

There are several Hemangiomas symptoms and since it is present at birth, the child at birth may start to protrude spongy mass in the first year of the birth but it gradually resolves itself by the age of 7 but in some cases, the Hemangiomas can stay with the patient throughout life and needs to be treated properly.

Inside skin

Hemangiomas can also develop inside the body and it becomes hard to detect such tumors inside the body so for Hemangiomas Treatment following symptoms must be kept in mind and if persist, tests should be taken to confirm the Hemangiomas inside the body.




Loss of appetite

Sudden weight loss

Abdomen pain.