Spider veins

Spider veins are dilated blood vessels which form a branching pattern. They are usually located on thighs, calves, arms and sometimes on face. Such veins are progressive and their appearance increases gradually with age. They look unattractive and take away from the beauty of your skin. Thankfully there are a couple of Spider Veins Treatment for treating this issue. Such treatments erase the spider veins and make your skin appear flawless.

Are you the ideal candidate?

You are the ideal candidate for Spider Veins Treatment if:

You experience spider veins on your legs, face or other parts of your body.

You are not pregnant.

You do not have a history of blood clotting.

You are constantly trying to camouflage such veins with makeup.

Pre-Procedural Care

Following are the care measures you must follow before Spider Veins Treatment to promote better healing:

Avoid smoking at least two weeks prior to the treatment.

Avoid consumption of blood thinners for a week before the surgery.

Hydrate yourself from within and ensure drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

Avoid using harsh scrubs on your skin.

Procedure of spider veins treatment

Spider veins can be completely erased by cosmetic spider veins treatment. There are two main procedures for removal of varicose veins or spider veins. They are Scierotherapy and Laser Spider Veins Treatment.



Scierotherapy is a Spider Veins Treatment which is best suited for medium sized blood vessels which are usually 3 millimeters or above in diameter. The procedure flows in a following manner.

A scierosing solution is injected to the visible spider veins with the help of micro needles.

It causes veins to shrink, they turn blanch and gradually disappear.

After the procedure, the compression garments are used to further compress the veins and maximize the output of the treatment.

There is minimal discomfort involved and this procedure requires no downtime.

Laser Vein Treatment

Laser Spider Veins Treatment in is also an efficient way to treat medium sized blood vessels and make them disappear in a few treatments. It is usually a preferred treatment for facial regions.

Your eyes are covered to protect them from the laser.

Laser Treatment is targeted at these spider veins and laser light is absorbed by the blood.

The absorption of blood causes these veins to gradually fade away.

Normally 3 sessions of Spider Veins Treatment are enough to treat spider veins with the help of laser.

Minimal downtime is involved and it is important that you protect your skin from the sun.

Post procedural care

Following are the aftercare measures you must follow after the treatment:

Wear strong sunscreen and hats and avoid going out in the sun as much as possible.

Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol to aid the healing process.

Use cold compressions to minimize swelling.

Follow the skin care regimen suggested by your skin specialist.


You will immediately notice the reduction in the appearance of spider veins immediately after the first treatment. However, it takes more than one treatment for these veins to vanish completely. The results of the Spider Veins Treatment last for years.