Birth Mark Ramoval ( laser)

Birthmarks are oldest cosmetic problem in history of mankind and most of the time people choose to have the birthmarks as a sign of mythological belief. Some of the birthmarks disappear with age whereas other marks grow with passage of time making the patient look awfully bad with every passing day. In some cases, there’s pain or itch associated to the birthmark and causes pain in the patient’s body. You can get the Birthmark Treatment in with best dermatologist supervision.

How are they formed?

Reason of birthmarks is not fully understood but in most of the cases they are inherited and fade away after sometime whereas some are caused by medical problems during the birth. Birthmark treatment is possible nowadays and these birthmarks are divided into two types on basis of their origination

 Vascular birthmarks

Vascular birthmarks are formed when the blood vessels aren’t formed correctly.  They are further divided into macular stains, Hemangiomas and Port wine stains.

Macular stains are also known as angel kisses and mostly on the head, or on face of the baby and they get prominent when the baby cries.

Hemangiomas are birthmarks that can be formed into either outer part of the skin or inner part of the skin and they are called superfacial when they are inside and known as deep Hemangiomas. Both the Hemangiomas can be treated by Birthmark treatment .

Port-wine stains are those birthmarks that are found on the arms, legs, and can be visible on face or neck as well. Such birthmarks look like the spilled wine on that part of the body. They get darker by every passing day and will look like pebbles around the adulthood.

Pigmented birthmarks

Pigmented birthmarks are mostly due to cell or tissue growth or displacement and are of three types.

Café-au-lait spots are the most common type of spots and are in milk-coffee color. They are in multiple numbers and can be cause of the Neurofibromatosis.

Mongolian spots are found on the back of the body and are in shape of dark circles; these marks heal themselves by the school age but if they persist, consider undergoing Birthmark treatment.

Moles are permanent kind of the birthmarks that stay a life time on the body of the patient and most of the time; moles grow into the skin cancer. So the Mole removal should be taken to prevent the deadly disease.

Ideal candidate

The ideal candidate for the Birthmark treatment is everyone as all of the birthmarks are cosmetic problem but it is advised that dermatologist should be consulted first before applying for any birthmark treatment in Dubai. Most of the birthmarks disappear after the school age but some of them can be fetal for the body health as one type of mark leads to skin cancer as well.

Birthmark treatment

You can get your birthmarks treated in laser treatment and you can get rid of the cosmetic problem without undergoing any knife treatment.

Herbal creams are effective and nice way to remove the birthmarks but there are several complications to the treatment as it takes awfully long time and skin may cause itching if the herbs aren’t suiting the body skin.

  • Removal creams are another way to remove the birthmarks and heal the body generally but the after effects caused by such creams can be devastating as the creams have different compounds that may react negatively to other parts of the body.
  • Camouflage makeup is another technique of Birthmark treatment, it works in way that camouflage is applied to the affected area of the body and it hides the birthmark allowing the patient to carry out their daily task.
  • Cosmetic surgery is a painful way of removing the marks and leaves the patient in pain for several days and bed rest of atleast a week is advised after undergoing the knife surgery. The surgery often split opens the wound and the scars of surgery stay instead of birthmarks on the body for rest of the life.
  • Cosmetic laser birthmark treatment in Dubai is the easiest and noninvasive way to get rid of every kind of birthmark problem from the body as it has no negative effect on the body, it hits the exact affected part and no bed rest is required after the treatment and the patient can continue doing their daily tasks after the procedure.