Post Surgical & Traumatic Scars Treatment

The hardest parts of the healthcare is undergoing a health surgery but even worse are the scars that are left behind after the surgeries and cause a major cosmetic problem throughout the life. Surgical scars are permanent in nature, although some will fade away but even the faded ones will be prominent to the naked eyes. In today’s technological world, Post surgical scars treatment is possible by different methods.

Scars and Their Types

Scars are formed at the place after a wound or injury has been taken place on that particular place. In medical terms, the scars are area of fibrous tissues that replace the normal skin after the wound or injury has taken place, scars are the most important and natural part of the healing process for repair of the tissues. Scars have same collagen as the tissues/cells that were replaced. The chemical composition of the scars differs from normal tissues. There are four major kinds of the scars.


These kinds of scars occur when the body overproduces collagen causing the scar to be raised above the surrounding skin. These scars take form of the red raised lump because of the excess tension in the skin and are usually formed after 4-8 weeks of surgery. Hypertrophic Post surgical scars treatment is possible under qualified dermatologists for 100% result.


Such scars are formed after surgery, accident or body piercing, these scars are common in dark skinned people. Such scars grow out of the original wound and sometimes can take more than times time the space as of the original wound. These scars inert masses of collagen only and are harmless in nature. Keloid Post-Surgical Scars treatment is available but they are hard to operate surgically so non-invasive methods are used to treat them.


Such scars that are formed on sunken recess in the skin due to loss of fats or muscle are known as Atrophic scars. Such scars are caused due to acne, chicken poxes and in some cases surgeries can also cause such scars. Atrophic post surgical scars treatment is done by professional dermatologists and they are closely related to the Acne Scars.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are formed due to rapid stretch of the body muscles mostly formed during the pregnancy. These scars usually heal themselves but in some cases, are for lifetime. Stretch marks can also be caused due to hormonal change in teenagers and also be caused due to excessive weight gain. Stretch marks post-surgical scars treatment is available under qualified dermatologists as these scars form a major cosmetic problem.

Post Surgical scars treatment options

Post-Surgical scars treatment is available with the help of different methodologies based on the type of the wound and amount of treatment required by the patient to get the Scar removal. In ancient days the post surgical scars were removed by covering them with a tattoo and this is still practiced in today’s world but for complete Post surgical scars treatment the following methods can be applied.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are the most advanced form of post surgical scars treatment methodology that provide a complete solution for major cosmetic problem. The epidermis is peeled off in a controlled manner for regeneration of a better, healed epidermis which is free of any scars and it also results in a tighter, smoother skin.


The modern cosmetic solution works in way that small micro needles are injected to the affected part of the body to start the cell regeneration process. The healed cells overtake the affected cells resulting in a smoother skin free of scars. Post Surgical Scars Treatment is faster and better as compared to other pills/ medical treatment available.

Filler injections

Specialized injections are used to inject collagen to the Atrophic scars that results in even skin and scar removal. The invasive method of post surgical scars treatment is not recommended due to its high risks


Although it is not a complete treatment but camouflage has been used for Post Surgical scars treatment for a longer period of time. Camouflage works as an extra layer of skin applied to the affected part of the body and it is applicable for couple of days and then it can be peeled off revealing the original skin back. Camouflage post surgical scars treatment is temporary in nature.

Laser treatment

Laser for Post Surgical Scars is the most advance and non invasive method to get rid of the scars of every kind. The laser treatment works in way that laser gun is applied to the affected part of the body to create holes inside the affected part of the skin resulting in collagen and cell production. The new cells overtake the affected cells causing the scars to disappear from the body surface and the procedure results in a smoother, tighter and fresher skin. Post Surgical scars with laser is known as the most important and advanced treatment option available today.

Post Surgical care

The laser treatment is non-invasive procedure and allows the patient to return on doing the daily tasks afterwards but it is recommended that

Patient avoids exposure to sunlight for couple of days

Patient avoids consumption of alcohol and drugs for a week.

Make shall be avoided at all costs

Dermatologist should be consulted if itching or swelling is felt at the treated area.