PRP treatment

Cosmetic problems have been serious concern around the world for several decades and new methodologies are being used to perfect the cosmetic treatment for the body. The best way to repair the damaged skin and dead cells is by the body platelets themselves but the problem is that it takes long for platelets to reach the affected area causing healing process to slow down. PRP Therapy is the process that uses body’s own platelets to regenerate the damaged body cells for cosmetic treatment of the affected area. Micro needling on the other hand is the painless procedure for treatment that triggers cell healing and tissue repair. Both technologies when combined together provide the best cosmetic repair solution. Micro Needling with PRP therapy treatment is one of the most successful ways to get rid of acne, large pores and sagging skin.

What is PRP Therapy

PRP is Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy that repairs the damaged part of the body using your own-serum so that the platelets don’t have any negative effect to the body. PRP therapy boosts the cell regeneration and mixes with blood stream naturally causing the healing process to be faster not in the affected part but in all the parts of the body. Healed areas by PRP Therapy are said have smooth texture and it has been used for decades by the professional athletes to heal the wounds faster. PRP Therapy treatment is ideal for treating all kinds of wounds and is being extensively used in cosmetic treatments to gain faster and better healing results.

What is Micro Needling

Micro-Needling is a treatment procedure that involves physically injuring the dead cells of the affected area in order to initiate the healing process. new cells are generated in the process to take over the dead cells and in this way the healed area is free of acne scars, large pores, wrinkles and the healed area has tightened skin and is smoother than previous one. The procedure is harmless in nature but in some cases, it causes itching and swelling that goes away within several hours. For sensitive patients, aesthetics are applied to numb the skin of the patient before undergoing the Micro needling treatment.


How PRP therapy works

The blood is collected in the tube and processed to separate the red blood cells from serum containing platelets. The obtained serum then is processed to increase the concentration of the platelets for enhanced healing and then the platelets are activated to be used on the affected area. PRP treatment can be used in any part of the body and is successful in field of cosmetic surgery as well in the medical field. Micro Needling with PRP Therapy offers better result than the traditional approach.

Micro Needling with PRP Therapy

Micro Needling with PRP Therapy when combined together provide faster healing, better skin and allows patients with large affected area to be treated quickly. Normally the patient takes multiple sessions to be treated but with the help of Micro Needling with PRP treatment, the patient can be healed in couple of sessions. Patients with large affected area can be easily treated with this treatment and it is ideal for those candidates who are looking for smoother and better textured skin.

Ideal candidates

Ideal candidates for Micro Needling with PRP therapy are those patients who have sensitive skin and cannot wait for longer period of time after the treatment.

Patients looking for better complexion after treatment

Patients looking for smoother skin with better textures

Moreover, the patients who want to get their wrinkles removed and want to get a fresher skin are the right candidates for Micro Needling with PRP therapy.

Cosmetic problems

Cosmetic problems that can be treated with Micro Needling with PRP therapy range from Skin Sagging to Acne Treatment and from surgery scars to Pigmentation problems. The best thing about the procedure is that Micro Needling with PRP therapy is capable of healing every cosmetic problem as you can apply the micro needling treatment anywhere by changing the tip of the needle that varies in size and depth.

Post treatment care

After the Micro Needling with PRP therapy you are not required to take any special care but it is advised that

The direct sun light exposure should be avoided at all costs.

Healed area might be affected with swelling and itching but it goes away after several hours and it shouldn’t be touched.

Any kind of makeup must be avoided for two weeks after the micro needling with PRP treatment.