Anti-aging Treatment

As we age, our skin succumbs to the power of time and gravity. What was once tight, smooth and glowing is no longer the same. We may still be young at heart, but our appearance fails to show our inner youth. Modern science has come to the rescue with 100% safe and secure treatments that can reverse your biological clock and make you look younger and beautiful as ever. Anti aging treatment in Dubai has become increasingly popular due to their high safety standards, and effective results. They make your skin more youthful and smooth and clear by improving sagginess, wrinkles and aging spots.

Signs and Symptoms

As we grow older, variety of changes occur on the skin. Some of them occur on the surface of skin while others become evident. Aging signs include:

Change in the texture of skin, it becomes rough

Change in the color, it becomes dark and dull

Skin becomes slack or sagging

Surface layer of skin becomes thin and as a result skin becomes more transparent

Fat below the skin in cheeks, chin and below the eyes is either disappeared or displaced

Causes of Aging

There are many different causes of aging skin. Two most important ones are:

The natural aging process

Damage from the sun

Besides above given primary factors, some other factors also contribute to aging of the skin. These factors include:




Daily facial movement

Obesity and

Sleep position

Treatment Options

There are a number of options available as the anti aging treatment in Dubai.These treatments include:

Skin boosters: Restylane skin boosters are an effective treatment foraging skin. They work by increasing the hydration providing moisture to the skin and improving its elasticity, structure and quality. They are mostly used for treating facial skin but can also be used for other exposed sensitive areas like neck and hands.


Dermal Fillers: A variety of dermal fillers is available as anti-aging treatment. They can effectively enhance the appearance of aging skin by filling in the lines and wrinkles and restoring the contours of the areas where there is volume loss and sagging skin.


Botox: Botox is becoming increasingly popular as an anti-aging treatment for removal of lines and wrinkles on the skin. It does not add collagen to the skin but keeps muscle from tightening. It is suitable for eradication of expression lines like horizontal lines on forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet.


Chemical peels: Chemical skin peels can greatly improve the appearance of the skin. In this treatment a chemical solution is applied to the skin which makes blister and gradually peel off. The new skin that is exposed is smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. Chemical peels can be performed on the face, neck or hands to:

Treat wrinkles caused by exposure to the sun or natural aging

Reduce fine lines around the mouth and under the eyes

Reduce age spots, dark patches and freckles

Improve the appearance and quality of the skin

Dermabrasion: Dermabrasion is the cosmetic procedure that helps treating number of skin issues and is also effective for improving the appearance of aging skin. It removes the damaged layers of skin using abrasion or scraping. It results in smoother and brighter skin having fewer age spots and wrinkles. It treats:

Scarring and age spots

Fine lines and wrinkles

Moderate to severe photo damage

Mesotherapy treatment: Mesotherapy is an anti aging treatment that targets problem areas through the practice of introducing small amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the middle layer of the skin, mesoderm. The results are immediate after the first session. Mesotherapy treatment is designed for improving:

Lines and wrinkles

Skin laxity


Contours of face and neck

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light): During IPL treatment, high energy light waves are introduced to the skin to reduce or eradicate various common signs of aging. It also boosts the production of collagen. The benefit of this anti aging treatment is that it can be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments. It can be used to:

Treat sun spots and other pigmentation irregularities

Reduce large pores

Eliminate fine lines

Improve course or rough skin

Improve tone and elasticity of skin

Radio frequency treatment: Radio frequency treatment uses radio waves of specific frequencies to eradicate common signs of aging on the skin. In this treatment deep layers of skin are targeted and at the same time cooling helps reduce discomfort and prevent burns. An important benefit of this treatment is that it boosts production of collagen and elastin and also improves the blood circultation. This treatment improves aging skin by:

Removing excess fat pockets

Tightening the sagging skin

Eradicating lines and wrinkles

Laser Skin Tightening: Laser skin tightening is perhaps the most popular as well as the effective procedure for improving visible signs of aging on the skin. it treats:

Skin laxity

Deep lines and wrinkles

Textural irregularities caused by aging and sun damage

Treatment Recovery

Immediately after the procedure of laser skin tightening, you will experience some redness and minor swelling on the treated area. These symptoms are normal and temporary and will resolve within a couple of hours or few days. Laser skin tightening requires little or no recovery time. Patients become able to resume their normal routine immediately. However, you will have to take proper care of your skin. Apply prescribed topical medications regularly and avoid excessive sun exposure.

Treatment Benefits

There are a lot of benefits of laser skin tightening. Some of the most important ones are:

It does not make superficial changes only but also stimulates the production of collagen and regenerates the deeper layers of skin.

The treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive and does not involve any incisions or cuts.

The patient feels minimum discomfort during the procedure and using cooling device helps prevent skin burns also.

You will notice the results immediately after the procedure.

this anti aging treatment requires no downtime and minimal recovery time.

Treatment Results

The results will become apparent immediately after the treatment but your skin will continue to improve over the next few months with further stimulation of collagen growth. The results of laser skin tightening are very effective but are not permanent. You will need having maintenance treatments to sustain the results.