Bio-Energy Healing

How does Bio Energy healing work?

At a fundamental level Pure Bio Energy Therapy is based on the laws of physics and vibration. 
The Bio Energy Healing Method is a form of healing that has been practiced in most cultures for thousands of years. It comes under the heading of alternative healing and its origin is based on the most natural forms of healing – our very own – pure energy.  

Channeling life-force energy

Many in the area of alternative energy therapy or bio Energy therapy describe this method as “channeling” life-force energy to the patient to help balance, clear, charge, and energize the patient’s energy field.

Bio Energy healing as a therapy is based on re-balancing the body’s energy field. The human body is comprised of bone and tissue with billions of cells making up our organs, skeletal system and body parts. We also have a “Life-Force” field of energy pulsing not only through our nervous system but throughout every cell that forms our overall organism.

A Bio Energy therapist or practitioner learns the many simple techniques which are used to tune in with and balance this life-force energy field, unblock any blockages which may be causing illness or disease, and help boost the immune system. The practitioner acts as a channel or conduit for universal energy. This universal energy field contains all the information required to bring about the necessary conditions for the client’s own natural healing abilities to kick into action.

Scientifically accepted that we are made of energy

It has been scientifically established that we are all basically made of energy. This is our primal life force which holds us together and gives us life. A field of energy surrounds the body called the esthetic field and it is thought that disease and illness first originates in this field long before manifesting in the physical body. 

This field also referred to as the “Aura” is believed to be our protective layer providing defense against all forms of attack viral and bacterial. Our immune system also helps to protect us. It also eliminates tired, unhealthy and unwanted cells from our body. When our immune system is working efficiently and our energy field is clear and in balance we are well and healthy.

Our cells, tissues and organs vibrate with energy.

When we are healthy each cell in every part of our body is vibrating at its optimum frequency. Equally each organ is also operating at a particular frequency and so on throughout the body. However when sickness or disease sets in a particular area of the body, the cells are no longer working and vibrating at their normal healthy frequency and so the body may experiences illness.

Everything is made of vibrating energy fields.

Science now confirms that when you begin to look deeper into the physical form and what we perceive as “matter” we find ourselves at the sub-atomic quantum world of creation. In this micro biotic world of waves and particles everything breaks down into pure energy. Everything is made of vibrating energy fields including our bodies. We are constantly in each other’s fields of energy, whether we like it or not. Consequently we are influenced by the energy fields of other people; by their thoughts, feelings and by their vibrations (vibes). 

We can influence not only our own energy fields by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, but we can also bring this influence to bear on those around us – the people with whom we live or work plus those who pass through our energy fields each day. We have our own energy fields surrounding us and at the same time we have a universal energy field of which we are all an integral part.

We are like peas in a gigantic pot of soup – separate but at the same time connected. This is what’s meant by “We are all one.” We are all part of the one field of energy – The Universal Energy Field – Consciousness.

We “tune in” to the Universal Energy Field

However bearing in mind that since the client is the one who may be sick or unwell, -  their bio field or energy field can be influenced more easily by yours. Consequently a therapist / healer / practitioner learns how to “tune in” to the Universal Energy Field, and move, clear and influence the energy field of the other person to bring about a state of homeostasis.

The therapist will have learned the Bio Energy protocols and techniques which enable them to influence and use this encompassing field of energy to bring about balance and harmony not only in their own body’s energy field but also how to help bring about harmony and balance throughout the other person's energy field.