Mole Removal

Having a mole at the right place on the face or body is considered to enhance the beauty of an individual. However, when placed wrongly or in too large numbers, these beauty spots can actually make an individual look ugly. Given below are the three common methods used by dermatologists for removing moles.

CuttingOff The Moles: Dermatologists might suggest cutting off the mole surgically using a scalpel or a pair of surgical scissors. In case of deep rooted moles, the dermatologists might have to make a deeper incision for removing the entire growth and then stitch up the cut.

FreezingThe Moles: In some cases the doctors might spray the mole with a small quantity of chilled liquid nitrogen to freeze it. Alternately they might place a swab of cotton dipped in the chilled liquid on the mole. The patients might end up having a small blister on the area, but it will heal on its own after some time.

BurningThe Moles. In this method, the doctors would generally use a wire with a small electrical charge to burn the pigmented skin growth. This procedure is slightly painful and requires the use of a local anesthetic to numb the affected area prior to performing the procedure. In case of any bleeding, the doctors might also use some antiseptic or other medicine to stop the bleeding.