Sexual Disorders

Although most people know sexually transmitted diseases are caused by sexual contact, their knowledge about the ailment is restricted to this level only. Listed below are some basic and important facts that people should know about STD’s.

STD’s are the most common and contagious infections that can affect millions of new people every year and can even prove fatal in some forms.

These diseases are not easy to detect as they do not cause any symptoms and are transmitted through either bacteria or viruses, with adverse health effects in each case.

STD’s transmitted through bacteria can generally be treated with the help of antibiotics, while the ones transmitted through virus can generally be treated with antivirals.

In addition to the most common cause of having unsafe sex or sex with an infected partner, these infections can also be transferred by use of intravenous drugs.

HIV and Hepatitis are not the only forms of STD, as there are several other types of the disease which can prove equally harmful and fatal.

It is possible to minimize the risk and even prevent STD’s by not only practicing safe sex but also taking the vaccinations available for some types of STD’s.

In case of even the slightest doubt, it is better to seek the advice of a professionally qualified doctor rather than practicing self-treatment.