Rehabilitation Unit

Physiotherapy uses proven techniques to help restore movement and function to anyone affected by an injury, disability or health condition. It’s a therapy that can help you achieve movement for life! A physio will use their in-depth knowledge of how the body works, combined with hands-on clinical skills,

to assess, diagnose and treat your symptoms. They can even help you prevent many injuries and health conditions.

While well known for treating injuries, physios have the skills to treat and prevent a range of health problems involving;

  • Joints, bones and soft tissue
  • Heart
  • Chest and lungs
  • Brain and nervous system

Physiotherapy can help you avoid surgery, reduce your medication, manage your pain and reduce the risk of injury. Physios are highly qualified and can help you with a range of conditions and symptoms, including chronic conditions such as arthritis. Compared with many other treatments physio is also highly cost-effective and you can self refer.


Physiotherapy covers a wide range of health problems and physios often choose to concentrate their expertise on a particular area. Areas of practice can include;

  • Acupuncture 
  • Cardiothoracic 
  • Continence and Women's Health 
  • Hand therapy 
  • Manual Therapy 
  • Neurology 
  • Occupational Health 
  • Older Adults
  • Paediatric 
  • Sports


“When our energy is flowing good health follows”


Bio Energy is a very powerful, gentle and completely natural form of healing that successfully heals a wide range of issues, be it mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. No machines or devices are used.


Bio Energy healing treats the root cause of illness. It is known to successfully treat: anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, fertility issues, urinary bladder infections, eczema, skin rashes, headaches, migraines, lower back, shoulder, neck and physical pain in the body due to accidents, concussion, arthritis, addiction, accelerates healing after surgery, IBS, digestive issues, emotional pain, stress, and much more.


Generally, a course of treatment includes 4-8 sessions once per week for 4-8 weeks, or 4-8 days in a row, both with a follow up session 3-4 weeks later. A program of sessions can also be created for you depending on your schedule. Each session is approximately 40 minutes long. During a session the practitioner will identify blocks in the body and use a series of techniques to bring them to the surface and release them. Each person’s recovery will begin when we identify the main source of blocked energy. Understanding the root cause can allow us to begin the process of restoring our health. Bio energy healing is a tool we can all use to accelerate our healing journey. Everyone’s experience with healing is personal and different.

Pure Bioenergy is a gentle, non-invasive, safe and proven method of healing that effectively addresses a wide range of conditions in adults, children and even animals. Pure Bioenergy Therapy restores the immune system to its most efficient healing state, provides information to the body to speed up healing and recovery time, provides pain relief and restores blood flow for faster healing. This powerful method of healing utilizes specific energy protocols for use on and around the body, and when properly applied, the information of pure health is brought to the immune system, bringing balance to the bioenergetic field, and allows self-healing to take place.